Ms Mary Desmond “Desmond.”

Your first $7000.00 Will Be sent today

This is to inform you that $7000 has been sent to you via Money Gram Office kindly contact the manager on this information for the due processes.REV TONY below send your full informations means your Address ok

The IMF commission who set up This Payment Programmer is now waiting for confirmation so hasten up and give the agent a call to process your funds at once. Please do not forget to update me as soon as you receive this first payment.The International Monetary Fund IMF is compensating all the scam victims $4,7USD each, and your email address was found in the scam victim’s list.

Your Receiver Name ___________
Your Country___________
Your Address ______________
Your Tel_______________

TEL: +22966271594
E-mail: (

Once again congratulations.
Ms Mary Desmond

Agent Gerald Roberts

NW WASHINGTON, DC 20535, 0001.



We sincerely apologize for sending you this sensitive information via
e-mail instead of a certified mail, phone call or a face-to-face
conversation, it is due to the urgency and importance of the security
information involve. In the quest to cushion the effect of the global
financial crisis, American government through the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) Washington, DC and the Internet Crime Complaint
Center (ic3) has signed an agreement with Nigeria for an immediate
release of all overdue funds presently logged in their treasury and
ensure it is disbursed to the rightful beneficiaries in any part of the
world. If you the beneficiary would adhere to this notification it will
help stabilize the various economies of the world and reduce the effect
of this depressing recession.

Prior to this agreement our team of security experts has swung into
action for transparency and accountability of this periodic project. The
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Global Intelligence, Cyber Division)
saddled with the responsibility of monitoring activities going on over
the internet have discovered your name in the list of unpaid
Beneficiaries and it might interest you to know that we have conducted a
comprehensive investigation on this discovery as stipulated on our
protocol of operation and have confirmed that the inheritance fund was
endorsed in your favor and it is 100% genuine and hitch free from all
facets. You have the lawful right to contact the appropriate authority
to claim your payment without further delay.

Further findings revealed that some corrupt ex- government officials are
conniving with some officials of Nigeria Federal Ministry of Finance to
change your account and transfer your inheritance funds to a strange
account in the USA through a man whose name will not be discloised at
the moment, who purported to be your cousin, he presented some necessary
documentations evidencing your claim purported to have been signed by
you for to the release of your contract fund valued USD $2,500,000.00
(Two million Five hundred thousand United States dollars).

The acclaimed account presented:

Scotia Bank
314 Harwood ave. s unit
Hpo5 Ajax, ont. l1s 2ji, Canada.
Account Number: 321020072923
Account Name: Andrew Francis Svenkeson

As a matter of urgency, you are requested to contact the Key Bank to
confirm that Mr. Andrew Francis Svenkeson is your true representative,
so that Key Bank will disburse the inheritance fund to the bank account
above and update their payment record but if this Mr. Andrew Francis
Svenkeson is not your cousin/representative ensure you send a disclaimer
to the Chief Executive Officer of Key Bank and instruct her to remit
your fund to you without delay via any transfer option of ypour choice.
Below is the officially established email address of the Key Bank.

Name: Mrs Betty Mooney
Office Address:1435 W 9000 South West Jordan,UT 84088,USA

We advise that you go ahead in dealing with the Key Bank with the
address above and be assured that we are monitoring all their activities
as well as your correspondence at all level. If you are presently
dealing with any financial institution(s) or person(s) claiming to have
relevance to the payment of your overdue funds out-side the above
financial institution you are warned in your own interest to stop
further communication.

Be informed that any delay in reaction to this letter will be assumed
that Mr. Andrew Francis Svenkeson is your true representative and the
funds will be remitted into the nominated bank account that he has
provided. The Key Bank will not be held responsible for any wrong
transfer made due to your inability to furnish them with proper/correct
information. If you need further assistance and direction, contact
Mr.Gerald Roberts via our free domain network email address

Yours Faithfully,
Agent Gerald Roberts,
Assistant Director,
FBI Cyber Division.

Mrs. Brenda Sanders OFAC “www.”

?U.S Treasury Department’s
Office of Foreign Assets Control
(OFAC)U.S Treasury Department’s
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NWWashington, DC 20220

Good day.

This email is to notify you about the release of your outstanding payment which is truly $15.500.000.00 USD. The New York NY ( USA) scheduled a time frame to settle all foreign debts which includes Contract/Inheritance/ Gambling/ Lottery(Sponsored by Microsoft and National Lottery) and other international loans. News had it that over the past, numerous individual (s) who happen to be impostors (claiming to be individuals, banks and organizations) are claiming to
release numerous sums of fund via numerous ways.

With the help of the (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department’s and with the FBI we have noticed that people have being asked to pay outrageous amount of money by these impostors for the transfer of their funds to them. We want you to stop all communication that has to do with these fraudsters who have been requesting unreasonable sums of money from you to release your funds which they do not have access to.

We have received a mandate and instructions from the (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department’s to commence the immediate release of your funds through one of the following payment options stated below depending on your choice:

1. Payment via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM card): This is where you will be sent an Automatic Teller Machine card with
Pin also known as ATM card (A Master Card would be issued). Upon receipt of your custom ATM card you will be allowed to withdraw $10,000 per day by default and you are given the option to transfer funds from your ATM card to your bank account.

2. Certified Cashiers Check or Bank Draft: In this case you will be sent a certified bank draft or check signed in your favor which you will deposit in any bank for it to be cleared within 3 to 5 working days at most depending on your bank.

3. Online Banking ( Bank To Bank Transfer) to enable you process this operation, the fee is reduce to $185usd Dollars is Required for opening for an online banking operation, that will enable you get access to your account Online.

You are advised to select one out of the three options on how you wish to receive your $15.500.000.00 USD, Your Online
Banking Access or ATM card or Check/Bank Draft will be shipped via Courier Shipping Company and would get to you within 2 working days
at most.

For international shipping as stated by our company We had to sign contract with Courier for bulk shipping which makes the fees reduce to $185 usd nothing more and no hidden fee of any sort.

You are advised to contact the Department’s Officer responsible for the shipping of your Check or ATM card with the following information
for shipping of your payment Check or ATM card.

You are advised to provide the following information:
Your full Name.
Your Address:.
Home/Cell Phone:.

Remember that you are not paying any fees extra no matter what. Once again note that the actual Courier Retail Price: $185 usd Your Price
(Because of our contract signed): is now $185 usd Below is the information where to send the $185 usd Via Money Gram or Western .

ReceiversName: MIKE EGUATU
Country: Benin Republic
City: Cotonou
Question: A
Answer: B
Amount: $185


Mrs. Brenda Sanders OFAC)
U.S Treasury Department’s
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, DC 20220

Dr. Robert Moore “Moore.”

Attention please,

I have paid the fee for your cheque draft and i took it to the FINANCIAL BANK
PLC to confirm it then the Manager of the Bank MR BENARD UGO told me that
before the check can get to you it will expire on the way and if it expired it
will become useless so He advice me to convert $4.5m (FOUR MILLION FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND DOLLARS) into cash and pack it into the strong iron box and deposit it
and i did it as he advice me because he is a banker he knows the durability of
any foreign check or draft.

I deposited the said package in the FedEx Express Delivery Company as an cotton
materials for security reasons. This is the registration Number of your Package
Fed/122p/mtm/2007Zip Code;0113388 so do not let the company to know the real
contents of the package so that they can deliver it for you safely.

I want you to contact the company immediately with the following information’s
though i give them your information but you need to reconfirm it for them.
Below is the required information you need to give them now,


All these things is needed from you now to submit to the company for urgent
delivery of your package contains $4.5M Please contact the delivery company
immediately and reconfirm your info to them to enable their agent locate you
when he arrived in your country.This is the company contact info.

Tel:+229 98787311
Dr. Robert Moore Director General
FEDEX Express Delivery Company Benin Republic.

Please contact the company immediately you receive this email so that your
package will leave tonight to be deliver to you.
Get back to me as soon as you receive your package from the company.
God Bless you.

Barr. Edward Patrick “Patrick.”

Dear Friend,

I did not forgot your past effort by trying to help me, now I want to
tell you that i have suceeded in getting those funds transferred under
the cooperation of a new partner from Kuwait.

Contact my secretary in Cotonou, Republic of Benin because I have left
the whole instruction to him on your behalf and instruct him where to
send the $850,000.00 with out any further delay for your compensation.

His name is Mr. Paul Ader
Phone: +229-99682252.



In this moment, I’m very busy here in Kuwait because of the investment
projects, which the new partner and I are having at hand. So feel free
to get in touch with Mr. Paul Ader to send the cheque to you without
any delay.


Barr. Edward Patrick.

Interim Assistance General

Interim Assistance General manager.
Harrisburg international Airport
Mdt drive,19602 Pennsylvania USA.

Good day to you.

I am Mr Jeffrey Hadley, director of inspection for all lost and abandoned package here at the Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania. Due to a vital research which took place at the airport yesterday ,we have found a luggage box that contains the amount of ($9.500000.000). This luggage has been kept at the airport custody for a while now and it is about to be dispatched to the charity home cent-re since we could not figure out the location of the receiver or any representative of claim. we hereby argue you to proclaim this luggage by providing your delivery information below, if you are willing to be honest in receiving the luggage at your resident and we both shall split the funds 50% per person when delivered to you.

Kindly send your delivery information below to our airport custodian (Mr lee byrne) ,as he will be in-charge to direct you on how to proceed in getting the luggage delivered to your door step under 48 hours.

Full names:
Residential address:
Mobile number:

N:B—Kindly forward your information to the given email here:( for an immediate response to get the luggage.

We awaits your humble correspondence.

Joy U Ogwu

Attention: Consignment Owner,

Transaction Confirmation#A4284904

This is a mail from Joy U.A. Ogwu the Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations and also the executive director of UN Debt Reconciliation department, I have come to make so many things right from the way the corrupt government officials has made it to be. We have been releasing foreign/domestic unclaimed funds without causing heart break to beneficiaries since. Is my pleasure to inform you that your delivery personnel has arrived with your cash proof boxes value $6.2 million dollars being your inheritance /compensation payment. He is currently in Huntsville International Airport Alabama United States on transit. Quickly call him now on this line +1 (256)-414-4064 or on Email:

Give him directives, his name is George B. Uba. He has been waiting to hear from you to enable him get to your home address without missing his way. This consignment box has a serial lock combination and a manual key, the manual key is with George B. Uba but the serial lock combination code is not given to him for security reason so you don’t need t worry about someone opening your box. The code will be text to your cell phone by me as soon as you confirm that the box has been delivered to you. Most importantly you are advised to send your full data to him, which include your Full Name, Current Residential Address, Direct Cell Number, and A copy of any identity card to verify that you are the right receiver to avoid mistakes. Also reconfirm your full current address and valid phone number to the diplomat via his above email address once you receive this email to enable him deliver your proof boxes to your house without any further delay.

Note: Be very aware that the delivery agent is not aware that the boxes contain cash in it and you are not allowed to disclose that to him. The document presented to him show that the box is a family treasure. Also include your nearest airport


Joy Uche Angela Ogwu,
Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations.
2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

Jennifer Maxwell

Hello Dear,

We wish to officially inform you that our international diplomatic agent
conveying the delivery of your ATM CARD valued the sum of ($3.5M USD)
misplaced your info on transit and he is currently stranded right at
Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Pennsylvania United States with your
Visa card. We required you reconfirm the following information’s below so that
your Package/ box will be brought to your postal address by the Diplomat who
would accompany you to your bank to make your first with-drawer from your
account as being paid by western union department into Visa card for much
easily with-drawer, if you want him to deposit the funds in your name and
submit all documentations that has to do with the origin of the funds in other
to exonerate you from any form of investigations or interrogation and to
authenticate the fact that the funds are clean and has no links whatsoever
with either drugs or terrorism.

The Requested Information is to ensure that no mistake or error is made and it
should be forwarded in the manner stated below:

Your Full Name:…………………………………….

Your Complete Address: ……………………………..

Name of City of Residence: ………………………………

Name of Closest Airport to your city of Residence:…………………………..

Direct Cell Telephone Number:…………………………………..

Please do make contact with the agent with the email below with the info
required so he can complete the trip contained your payment fund today.

Contact Person: Mr. Diplomatic Salas Jim
E-mail 🙁
TELEPHONE: ( +17245368198)

He is waiting to hear from you today with the information required, NOTE The
funds in the package ATM card from western union is (Three Million five
Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) and we confirm that these funds are fully free
of any liens, and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin and are available
in the form of CASH in the ATM ACCOUNT.

Mrs. Jennifer Maxwell.

Call Diplomatic Salas Jim for Your pending Parcel.

Mr James Walker



I have registered your ATM CARD with DHL COMPANY this morning and we agreed
upon that, the delivery of your ATM Card will take off tomorrow morning, So
reconfirm your Names, delivery address and phone number to DHL Director
Peter Moore
via below emai ( Contact Peter Moore Tel:
+2347064258303 Contact

him urgently because I will not be at office till December’,30th, 2016 the
amount in your Card is US$4.5 Million, and the only fee you have to pay is


Mr James Walker



Hello Good Friend,

In accordance to my religious persuasion, I felt expedient to write and inform you on the wicked conspiracy hatched by the duo of (Mr.Alex Kelly and Mr. Hassan ) of the Ministry of Finance to divert your money to their designated account in Cayman Island.

From my position as a lowly clerk in this office, I discovered that they moved the fund from United States to China, and then moved it last week to Banco Italiano in ITALY. Today I found out through the Central computer database that they are about to reroute your fund to a security company in United Arab Emirates where they will be able to maneuver the strict IMF money laundering regulatory orders. With this, I felt that it is important for me to alert you on this development.They are still using your name and contract/inheritance identification number as the beneficiary but they have changed the account co-ordinate and this is the reason they are frustrating you by asking for endless fees in order to buy time pending on when they will transfer your funds to their designated account.

I have the reference number of the transaction and also I have the number of the official who is directly in charge at the SECURITY COMPANY. Your payment is supposed to go through the Euro-Asia Credit Control Financial Clearing Department before final Lodgement into the security company. All the data/information about your funds file are within my reach. I do not need gratification from you either in cash or kind. I can never be a part of evil because the bible said YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

Please respect my discretion in this matter! I will send you the reference number, the name and contact information of the officials of the security company were your money is in UAE when I receive your response. I repeat, please do not expose my person, it is not easy to get employment around here and I cannot contend with these powerful individuals because they can eliminate me.

Copy all response to ( ) as I access this
e-mail more often.

God bless you