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Feb 18, 2013 10:54:32 PDT
Transaction ID: D5AD678V66ENDOULL

You sent a payment of $149.49 USD to Mark Litwin (
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Mark Litwin

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HOLTS SUMMIT, KY 29660-2536
United States
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USPS Priority Mail
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HTC Vivid – 16GB – Black (AT&T) Smartphone Very Good!
Item# 182100653650 $149.49 USD 1 $149.49 USD

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Insurance – not offered —-
Total $149.49 USD
Payment $149.49 USD
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PayPal Email ID PP431">D5AD678V66ENDOULL

This phishing email is developed in order to steal your paypal information. However, there are many clues which will tip you off that this is fake.

The transaction email states I made this purchase February 18. I know that I didn’t make this purchase, so one might panic and think their paypal ID was stolen. But why would paypal be notifying me more than 6 months later?

They wouldn’t.

Don’t click links in emails. Check for subtle or obvious details. Soon you will develop an eye for red flags which will keep you, and your accounts safer.