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Subject: EDWIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD Congratulate You!

1015 15th Street Northwest Washington, DC
Fax (202) 505-2483

Dear Friend,

I pray this message meets you in a good state of mind. I am Rev. Edwin Lawson, a native of USA. I am the CEO Edwin Engineering Company, Inc. I have been a contractor for the past 10 years which I have been so lucky to win and execute many contracts both locally and internationally.  I got involved in a contract in Germany sometimes ago and after successfully executing this contract, my payment was refused, I was not paid. I was down and almost lost hope.

Three years after this contract, I prayed to God for the release of my contract payment. I also made a vow to GOD to give and benefit someone with the sum of Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States (USD $450,000.00) if my payment could be approved. To my surprise, I was called upon by the Germany Government last month that my contract file has been looked into and it has finally been approved for payment. I never believed it until I was advised by my Pastor and later moved down to Australia and to my, surprise I was paid this money.

As a strong believer of GOD and who strongly believes in pledges and vows, I never forgot my pledge to give out the sum of USD $450,000.00 to somebody. With the help of some Computer Engineering associates, I did email ballot to get the beneficiary of this money and luckily for you, your email address was chosen which automatically makes you the winner and beneficiary of my pledge which is Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States (USD$450,000.00).

I want to use this medium to congratulate you and I will like you to contact my secetary, Mr. Idris Cheriton on how to receive your money ($450,000.00) as I am still presently in Germany. I have given him instructions on how to get your fund to you so please contact him immediately with your details: NAME, ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBER, If possible any copy of your ID for verification.


Name:                                    Mr. Idris Cheriton
ontact Number:                    (202) 505-4524

You can give him a call to confirm this. Friend, I want you to believe that this is the opportunity GOD is giving you and a BIG miracle to your LIFE so please don’t miss this. For your information, I am presently executing another contract here in Germany please I need your prayer for the success of this one and also looking forward to meet you when I get back to the States. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Best Regard.
Rev. Edwin Lawson
Edwin Engineering Co., Ltd

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  • christopher says:

    I recently received this this mail in my spam folder today around 5:@m , and I do NOT like junk mail such as this one …..