Source: Random Scam
Initiate: N/A

“Mr. Miki Williams”


Hello My Friend.

I ‘m sorry to have contacted you by email but I feel its best and more convenient for me to explain why I am contacting you today.

I’m Mr. Miki Williams a United States Special investigator, I work hand in hand with the United States Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

I’m specialize in Background Investigations on funds which include [COMPENSATION/INHERITANCE FUNDS OR NEXT OF KIN, Consignment Box, Lotto® JACKPOT, LOANS] and I notice that you have being receiving numerous emails from people who claims to have funds coming to you but I advise that if you’re still in communication with any of them on issue of funds, you’re advise to stop every communication right now because those people has being investigated and confirmed to be a Fraud.

I wish to announce our successful investigation which was carried out few days ago, I guess it will interest you to know.

On my investigations, it was truly confirmed that you have 100% Legitimate unpaid transaction and you have every right to claim this funds as you’re been confirmed to be the right Beneficiary of the said amount $8 Million usd COMPENSATION/INHERITANCE FUNDS OR NEXT OF KIN and Due to the delay of getting this funds to you, your funds has now been increased to $10.5 Million United State Dollars approved for payment by International Monetary Fund (IMF) here in United States.

I came to notice that you’re not communicating with a legitimate person who is in charge of getting these funds to you.

This announcement has to be made open to you because you have truly being swindled by those unscrupulous people whom you have sent money in the course of getting one fund or the other that is not real and for this reason, I have decided to help you get your funds directly from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) here in United States in which your Legitimate funds remain unpaid.

I want to know if you’re interested in receiving your unpaid legitimate funds value $10.5 Million usd and I will only be of help if you agreed to follow my instructions.

Note: I will not reply back your email if you’re not in your right Manners and without being skeptical or feel this is not true.


Please you can contact me back on my email by clicking your Reply.


Mr. Miki Williams

United States Special investigator