Source: Random Scam
Initiate: N/A

“Ms.Esther Bassey”

Hi friend I am a banker. I want to transfer an abandoned USDHow are you?

Hope all is well with you and your family. I know that you might have forgotten about this your outstanding fund due to our mistake to delay the delivery up till now. I am writing to inform you that your file was found in our office today and we discovered that your cheque of $12.7 Million united state dollars have not been sent to you as it was instructed by our late boss Mrs. Victoria Crawford. We are very sorry for the mistake and the delay, please bear with us because the fault is from our former secretary who did not complete the instruction giving by our Boss. My dear, Note that your cheque has been convert into Master ATM Card to free it from
Expiring. This is to tell you that the arrangement to deliver to you the $12.7 Million in ATM CARD is concluded today.

Now Your ATM CARD is well packaged with every legal documents to cover it form not having any problem with any Office Authority or with your Federal Government and we have deposit your ATM Card with the conclusion to deliver it to your home as soon as you contact them with you current information.

1. Your Full name,________________
2. Your home Address,______________
3. Your current telephone number,______
4. A copy of your picture,_____________
5. Your age/sex,____________________
6. Your country,____________________
7. Your occupation,__________________
8. Your nearest air-port

For your Information, I have paid for the delivery charge and the only fee you have to pay is $100 for the security keeping fee. Therefore you should please contact them now for your delivery. OK, I deposited it Today. My dear, you should contact the ATM Centre Director on this below

Contact Person: REV. DAN LEE
Contact Email:

Please try to call him immediately to know when Your ATM CARD could be deliver to you. I wait for your update as soon as you have receive your ATM CARD Package.
Thanks and God Bless You.
Yours sincerely
Ms. Esther Bassey5.5Million to your BANK account. contact my privacte Email From Dr Erick Benson