Source: Random Scam
Initiate: N/A

Dr. Daniel Donald”

Anti – Terrorist and money laundering Agency
London Heathrow International Airport
Greater London TW6, United Kingdom.

Dear Beneficiary,

I am Dr. Daniel Donald the Director General of the Anti- Terrorist and money laundering agency London – United Kingdom.
We have investigated
your sealed consignment Box containing $500,000,00 USD intercepted by our monitoring agent at London Heathrow International
Airport and after due investigation have confirmed beyond all reasonable doubts that the said funds packaged in the box are free from

terrorist and money laundering related activities hence have issued a certified Anti- Terrorists / Money laundering Clearance to cover the
Diplomatic delivery of the consignment to your address as scheduled.

This clearance Certificate will clear all doubts with all authorities concerned in your country as soon as the
consignment box arrives United States of America.

Since our agency has cleared your consignment Box free from Anti-Terrorist and money laundering agency relate activities,
I urgently arranged an Express diplomatic delivery to maintain confidentiality and safety of the funds.
Our special diplomat agent Mr Desmond Favour was appointed immediately to deliver the sealed consignment

box to your address and their flight departed London Heathrow Airport (UK) yesterday and the good news is that he has confirmed arrival to
United States of America with your consignment box awaiting Arrival clearance at the Airport.
Contact him now and reconfirm to him the following details below so that he will not have problem locating you immediately with
the consignment box and to avoid any further delay in Delivery.

Full Names……………………….
Delivery address…………………….
Cell phone number…………………
Nearest airport ………………….
His E-Mail( )
I hope that you understood our sincerity and dedication to services, so
do not delay Mr Desmond Favour as he has very limited time to deliver the box to you and board

the next available flight back to England for his next assignment in Asia before next week.
Delay could cause problems with Authorities so make sure you clear the

Arrival Clearance as soon as you contact him to enable him get to your address in a list couple of hours.

Note that for his safety and that of your Consignment Box, ALL
communication should be kept highly confidential between you and the
diplomat to avoid problems as the

Box in his possession contains huge amount of money with all the vital documents guiding the delivey.
I hope you understand that no one should know the real content of the box until you meet with the Diplomat to avoid interception of
any information. Remember that the Tag on the Box is does not state
that the box contains money

so it will be delivered to you in disguise as a Box of Charity Relief Materials.
Contact him now to establish communication for on-ward delivery to the
final destination, keep me informed as soon as he hands over the box to you.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Daniel Donald
Director General
Anti- Terrorist and money laundering agency.
London – United Kingdom.