Source: Random Scam
Initiate: N/A


Cyber Crime Division USA
Payment Department

Attention Beneficiary,

This is in regards to the on going compensation program please do allow me to explain to you the content of this mail,after an online synchronization
which was carried out by our agents in the Cyber Crime Division in regards to online scams,several scam emails which are being used to lure people into sending money overseas was retrieved as well as list of emails of people who have been victims of scam or have received scam emails,the Cyber Crime Division called on a meeting with IMF and the World Bank due
to the fact that they are both used as government bodies for internet scams and they both appear in the list of mails gathered online.

The major course of the meeting is to ensure that both IMF and the World Bank secure the respect they have in the society at large and also to prove that they have never taken part in Fraudulent activities before,by doing this the President of the World Bank Group (Dr.Jim Young Kim) gave a suggestion that a Compensation Program should be initiated,this program will be about individuals who have been victims of scam or have received scam emails and it was agreed upon by both IMF and the Cyber Crime Division.

The Compensation Program was initiated and the Cyber Crime Division was appointed to take full responsibility of selecting 10 emails among the list of individual emails gathered in the course of the online synchronization which was carried out by the department,these 10 selected emails will be compensated with the sum of $840,000.00 each which will be issued out by the World Bank. So if you are receiving this email it is because you are one of the 10 selected individuals,do note that our agents only found your email online so we do not have any of your personal information,you are to contact the Compensation Center Director (Barrister
David Scott) via his email address as shown below,

Name:Barrister David Scott
Compensation Center Director

Do provide him with your full personal information as stated below in order for immediate procedures on your funds issuing to commence,also note that every information given by you ought to be valid so we wont have any issues in delivering your funds,

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Current Phone Number:
Email Address:

Also upon your response to Barrister David Scott do state what form you want your funds to come in,via CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT(CHECK) or ATM CARD so it can be worked on as soon as possible,take note that the Compensation Board will take full responsibility of the delivery charges of your funds.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: You are required to acquire the Administrative Endorsement and Governmental Clearance Order as soon as your funds issuing is completed,this order will ensure that your funds is not being seized or stopped by the Customs or other clearing agencies upon its delivery,notify Barrister David Scott for your Order so it can be issued to you as soon as your funds is ready for delivery and this order costs $750. Lastly if you are not supposed to receive this email,whereby you are not a victim of scam or haven’t received scam emails do not contact the Compensation Center Director,also if you are a beneficiary but you do not wish for the issuing of your funds to commence contact the Compensation Center Director requesting for a Disclaimer Form so it can be issued out to you and also your email will be taken off the Beneficiaries list.Note that this has nothing to do with Africa as your funds will be issued out by the World Bank and its delivery will commence from Texas USA.


James Comey
Director of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation