Source: Random Scam
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Liu Cheng

Subject: I’m looking for drop shippers in the US

My name is Liu Cheng i`m 34 years old and i`m a freelancer living in China. I`m in the online sales business for 7 years and i`m looking for a partner in the U.S.A. who could be a part-time dropshipper.

I`m selling any type of items online to interested peoples in U.S.A. i`m looking for buyers on different forums and ad places. So basically what i do is looking for certain items and finding a good price and then resell that item to the customer who requested it.

Now, as you obviously know, most of the online stores do not ship to China, so i`m stuck in the middle of the process because i do not have a trusted person who can receive the items and then reship to my customers.

You might also think why i`m not shipping directly to my clients, well if i do that they will find out how much i actually paid for that certain item and that`s not good for business as i add a few % from the original price, also many stores do not agree with this forms of shipping at different peoples with different addresses.

If you are interested in being a dropshipper please reply this email or email me at

I will answer all your questions and also i will be paying you on the volume and weight of the shipped packages and i will also pay for shipping. Payment shall be done ONLY by PayPal.