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Aristotle Winters

Subject: Job offer _ (561330613429232)

Our greetings,

High salary as quick as possible.
In our company you can earn without any problems at least 4,000.00$ per month. It is a good possibility to work not more than a couple of hours, 8 days a month and earn money. We do not object if you are going to combine this activity with your actual job. Realization of every task will bring you an income minimum 200.00$.

Details of this job:

1. You have a credit card with an amount owed from 1,000.00$ to 8,000.00$.
2. We pay off your credit card debt with a bank transfer.
3. Your salary is equal to 20% of transfer amount – from 200.00$ to 1,600.00$ – it is for you!
4. With the rest of money you must buy goods in local or web shops.
5. The purchased goods are to be sent to our partners in Europe (post costs paid by our company).
6. If you did all as it should be and in stipulated terms our agency wires the next transfer on your card account.

The amount of transactions as their regularity may be different, everything depends on you and the credit limit of your card. If you don’t have any debt on your credit card you can buy goods in advance and send it to us only when we pay it. The plan of this activity was elaborated with the participation of professional lawers and doesn’t break any laws of USA.

We will answer all your questions and will send you back detailed description of this work, just send your e-mail. We draw your attention that you will receive the answer to your e-mail from our corporative e-mail address, please consider incoming new letters from unknown correspondents.
The best way to get into contact with us as soon as possible is to communicate us your contact mobile number.

It’s your chance. A limited number of workposts is available!