A Judge Joan Donoghue www.@waltz.ocn.ne.jp

receive the sum of $3,800,000.00

The Audit Probe Panel Committee set up by the International court of Justice to investigate matters concerning your fund transaction which has finally cleared you of all the allegations, prone to several failed attempts to claim your inheritance. Be informed that charges have been dropped against you, while your name has been included in the final payment quarter of the physical year 2016 court approval ref: IC/655J/AFJ5

This investigation have been on for over 2yrs now, this is “WHY” you have experienced set backs in your several attempts to receive any part of your fund even though some fraudsters have tapped into your payment file, feeding you with false hope and lies. Now you can be rest assured to receive the sum of $3,800,000.00 (Three million Eight hundred thousand Dollars) as soon as you secure the renewal of the expired legal documents of claim in court. The report from the committee justifies the urgent need to finalize your transaction and ensure that you receive your fund for sake of JUSTICE.

This Honorable court, insist on cancellation of all previous/any pending payment arrangement of any institution/department that has been fruitless and advice you to send your personal contact data as listed below to the payment approved center in United states of America.

(1) Your Full Name,
(2) Your Contact Address,
(3) Your City & Country,
(4) Direct telephone line (Cell and Land line)
(5) ID Card (International Passport or ID Card)
(6) Present Occupation,

Please note; all court renewal process must be done in United states and remember our interest is to make certain that this fund if finally paid to you after all the awful experience of the past years. We want nothing but result, certainly you cannot do this on your own which is why we have stepped in and we will ensure that justice is finally done. In anyway that your co-operation is required to actualize success in this payment in a few days, I hope that you will prepare to take full advantage of this court injunction.

To avoid discrepancy which may cause further delay, please make sure that you send valid information which can be verified. Your file will be treated immediately you make the contact and you can receive your funds withing the next 3-4working Days. Please be advised to forward the required details to the office of Justice Charles Coleman on E-mail address (icjust98527@gmail.com)

Yours Sincerely,

Judge Joan Donoghue
Executive Secretary (ICJ)
Primary judicial branch of the United Nations.
The Hague, Netherlands.