Source: Random Scam
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HR Manager

Our actively developing company opens a vacancy of a texts corrector for everybody who speaks English fluently to help in dealing with our foreign employees.

Your job responsibilities will include proofreading our business correspondence and editing spelling and grammar inaccuracies that might occur in the text.

The process takes approximately 1-2 hours daily. You may do this on your free time.

Payment tariffs for the services done:
Each 1 Kb. (1024 symbols) of text content is compensated by $5. This letter to you is about 1 Kilobyte of size.

In total, it will increase your income up to near $2500 per month.

To apply for this position you must meet our requirements:
*Country of residence: priority – USA
*Having an Access to a computer

For more details about the vacancy, please reply with the following information about you:

First + last name:
Country, State:

Look forward to having a long-time cooperation with you.