Mr.Macharia Kamau “www.”

67578. Nairobi,Benin Republic

Attention Dear Fund Owner,

It’s my pleasure to inform you that United Nations has approved to compensate you with sum of US$5.500.000,00 usd to pay you via Equity Bank of Benin which I have handed over to U.S. Embassy in Kenya based on Mr.Donald Trump America president`s instruction to the united nation two days ago, Meanwhile below is the email for you to contact The U.S. Ambassador to Kenya for you Mr.Robert F. Godec he’s in position to complete this project.

You are required to provide the following details.

1: Your Full name…..
2: Country……………
3: Your Full Address……
4: Direct Phone Number……
5: Your Sex & Age

NOTE: This payment includes Scam Victims and international businesses that has failed due to government problems etc and please take note that any other contact you made out of the Ambassadors awareness is at your own risk.

Yours Sincerely

Mr.Macharia Kamau
U.N Special Representative in Benin Republic