Customer Care “Sankou.”

Customs and Border Protection
Clevland Service Port
6747 Engle Rd,
OHIO, OH 44130
United States

In Reference to your parcel here in our Custody with Ref: TNT72058455554UA

This is in response to your United Nation attorney written on 13th July 2017, regarding her concerns about possible information pertaining to you in the Customs and Border Protection ( CBP ) records database, please allow me to address our findings.

With the information that was provided by your attorney, we conducted a search in IBIS database and have determined that there is a derogatory record of information relating to you on the file, and this file states that your OFFICIAL CHECK of $25, 000, 000.00 Million United States Dollars has been TEMPORARY WITHHELD on this office on 2nd June, 2017 for violation of shipping policy which states that any fund above $500, 000 United States Dollars which is being delivered within or outside the United States must carry International Monetary Fund Certificate.

IBIS is a computerized list of names of known and suspected violators of CBP and other law enforcement agency laws. Our officers use IBIS, along with other enforcement criteria, as a tool in determining which parcel may warrant more than normal scrutiny when returning to or departing from the United States.

Though we have cleared your parcel from this office but while we cannot guarantee that your parcel will never be WITHHELD by other Law enforcement for protracted CBP Inspection, we recommend that you obtain the required International Monetary Fund Certificate and the legal service charge is $269 Dollars, this is for positive identification and clearance at any Check Point your parcel is screened and you should reasonably expect to receive your parcel within 3 working days once the required fee is sent this is par routine CBP processing and protocol.

You have 4 days to arrange for the required fee or confiscation of your parcel. If you are unable to accomplish any of the options, the parcel will be transferred to the US Treasury Department. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Customs and Border Officer at, for more details.

Here is the required fee summary for clarifications;

Clearance ………………………… $93.00 Dollars
Administrative …………………… $176 Dollars
TOTAL……………………. ………….$269 Dollars

The total of $269 Dollars has been charged with the obtaining an International Monetary Fund Certificate and you are required to incur this fee immediately with the below accountant information, the fee is payable via the Western Union or Money Gram Money Transfer Office.

In acknowledgment of this mail I shall provide you with the accountant information with which you are to use and send the required fee today so that we can facilitate the release of your check on the confirmation of the fee.

Here is the information of the Officer In charge;

Name: Mr. Thomas Homan

He will be the person to direct you on more detail concerning this delivery.

Thank you, as I hope I have made my self-clear to you by this notice as directed by the management and for more inquiry contact us at and present your order number when contacting so that we may honor your mail.

I appreciate your interest in Customs and Border Protection Policy and Protocol.

Customer Care
U.S Customs and Border Protection
Clevland Service Port.