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Your Fund valued US$10,80.000.00 USD was deposited here in our escrow account, but you need to open your own personal online account with us here, so that we shall credit your payment into the account for further transfer into any account of your choice.

The cost to open online bank account for non residential customers is US$50.00, while the activation for international operation/use is US$115.00, both are at the total of US$165.00 only.

NOTE: the US$50.00 is refundable when ever a customer wishes to close his/her account, while the activation charges of US$115.00 is not refundable.

The open and activation charges are required to send through money gram with the name of our receiver cashier (JAMES UDO).

Use the information below for the payment:

1. Receiver name: JAMES UDO.
2. City/Country: Cotonou – Benin Republic.
3. Test question: Hi?
4. Answer: Fine.

Forward the MTCN and sender’s name here after making the payment; and upon confirmation by our receiving cashier; the online bank account shall be open and activate immediately, and its account information, such as our website and PIN
code shall be forward to you, and you shall login to the account to view your account statement or make transfer into any of your choice.

Finally, open the attachment and fill the application form carefully and return immediately as instructed together with the US$165.00 payment MTCN.

Thanks for banking us!
Eco BankOnline transfer department
Sincerely yours SAMSON NWAMU,
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