Grace Petucci

Subject: Please let me know if you are interested

Dearest One,

My quest to locate a responsible person to bring my dreams to a reality is the reason why i took this bold step to contact you and I would not like you to take offense because you do not know me neither have we met before. I am Mrs. Grace Petrucci from Canada, wife to the late Anthony C. Petrucci, I have no family, no kids, I lost my husband and my only two kids in a motor accident five years ago,a weight i have carried these past years.Coupled with the trauma of undergoing cancer treatment for years now.My health has deteriorated and the doctors are not confident i will live to see the next two months which is heartbreaking for me.I decided to sell off my inherited properties in the USA and whatever belonging i could lay hands which amounted to $7.5Million now deposited in a joint account i have with my late husband in a bank in the USA.

I have decided after praying and my spirit is strong to donate this funds to charity, orphanage or an individual that will utilize this money in a godly way. I want an individual that will use this fund for charity, orphanages and widows etc. I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this fund. As I do not want a situation whereby this money will be used in an ungodly manner, Hence the reasons i took this bold decision.

I have discussed this with my Attorney and he is willing to assist in the distribution of the money to charity.I feel i have fought a good fight and my soul is now at peace and i am no longer afraid to die.I would have loved to speak with you on the phone but,i can’t because of my health condition.Please always email me.I will provide you my Attorneys details once you indicate your interest to assist with this project.

N.B: Please note that any delay in your reply will give me room to look for another person.

Best Regards,
Mrs.Grace Petrucci