US Department of Homeland Security

Chief of staff Homeland Security Mr. Johnson,
Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security Washington,
Federal Government Office 300 7th St SW •
Phone number +1 518 856 3794


Greetings to you my friend

I will like to introduce myself to you, am the new Secretary of Department of Homeland security appointed by New President of United State Donald J. Trump after the reassignment of Ms Janet.

I am an Attorney before I was installed the new chief of Department of Homeland security here in the United state of America.

I was going through some files that was transferred to me after the reassignment of Ms. Janet ,I discovered that you are among one of the people that has unsettle transactions with the Department of Homeland Security, International Monetary funds, FBI and many other departments within the state and outside the states..most especially Africa and also some Financial Institutions due to the much internet scams and so many people impersonating different office to rip of off your funds that they are in their possessions.

My Dear I want to inform you that no office or Financier institution are in possession of your huge compensated funds aside from the US Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC and your file is currently on desk awaiting a clear contact with you before I can go ahead and disburse this long awaited funds worth of $17.5 Million USD to you…

I have been given a mandate by the President Donald Trump to disburse the funds to you as soon as I have a direct contact with you…I have attach my identification card within this email for your view.

A claim came directly to my desk that you and your family are all dead and a Wells Fargo account was provided by one Mr. Steven Tilley who claims to be your Next of Kin and that we should forward this huge compensation funds worth of $17.5 Million USD into the Wells Fargo bank account, but God so kind after a proper investigation I discovered that Mr. Steven Tilley is just an identification theft and nothing of such happened and that you and your family are very much alive….I will be so happy to have a direct contact with you if truly you are safe and sound like my instincts tell me.

You are advice to get back to me immediately so I can disburse your funds worth of $17.5 Million USD to you…..and to also confirm to me if truly you are still alive or dead you are to send your full information to my sectary Mr Chiandu Dove. With the blow information.
Below is the Contact Info:

Name: Director of Foreign Remittance .
Contact Person: Mr. Chiandu

Get in touch with them immediately with the above information and let them know how urgency you want the transfer to be made and get back to me as soon as possible.

I will wait to hear from you when you get the fund transferred to your bank account.

(1) Your full Name:
(2) Country:
(4)Phone number:

Awaiting your soonest response.
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