Thank you for your most recent correspondence to us, as advised we intend to provide you with our unparalleled services by maintaining

the scope allocated to us in the opening Personal Online Account. Please be advised that the current situation surrounding your

payment, is one as such can be termed as being very sensitive and is presently undergoing an internal security caution under the

supervision of the International Banking and Finance Securities.

As a result of this all forms on negotiation arising based on deductions of any form of fess, levies or taxes will not be entertained

on funds awaiting satisfactory documentation. From the inception, the need to under write your funds by securing an adequate

insurance policy is essential, one particular category of report-able transactions is intended to secure that the transactions

involving legally derived funds or funds of unclear source on its origin demands raising an underwritten insurance policy, in other

words, the purpose of insurance is to transfer risk from the insured to the insurer, i.e. insurance companies act as a financial

intermediary by providing a Financial risk transfer service that is funded by the payment of insurance premiums received from policy


Relatively your inquisitions regarding this transaction, judging from the scope by its inception does not suffice at this juncture.

Understand our expertise regarding this payment transaction must undergo a due process, whereby each step is kept in strictest

confidentiality from the next step. Presently, there are several economic reforms being put in place by major financial institutions

to protect viable customers like you.

The origin of the funds in question (US$10,700,000.00) was as a result of instruction and approvals given from, Director

International Fraud Surveillance and Control, United Nation Organization and debt buy back process ensued by major financial

organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to cushion the debt incurred by viable customers like you to

sustain future investment prospects.

During the course of this payment transaction, you would notice some differences in operations and banking actions do not be alarmed

because these changes were indeed necessary to curtail the many lapses that have accumulated the break down of progressive financing,

resulting to a Global Financial Crisis. Being an accountant of high repute should know the misuse of macro economics and selective

deductions when dealing with money matters as sensitive as this payment transaction. Making it very important that we adapt the

ancient form of operations which is to direct all necessary progressions of this transaction in one singular movement for successful

completion. At end of the day it is a well known fact that the end justifies the means.

Finally, I would want to end this e-mail communique with the only one phrase “Welcome On-board” and thank you for your anticipated


Kindly send your direct cell phone to establish voice communication.

Looking forward for your next letter and acceptance to set up your account directly as soon as possible

Thank you for banking with us

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