Mr. William Randall

Dear Beloved Friend

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully concluded the transaction; the money has been transferred to Japan.
It is done through the assistant of your country man Mr. Howard who is a Japan base business man.
Currently I am in Japan with him, my wife and children.
In appreciate your assistance I have mapped out as a compensation and wrote on your favor a Draft worth of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00).

Now contact my secretary Mr. Munich Parlson with the following information below
PHONE: +13305973699

Ask him to send you the total sum of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00). Cheques which I raised for your compensation so feel free and get in touch with him.

(1) FULL NAME……………..
(2) ADDRESS……………….
(3) COUNTRY……………….
(4) PRIVATE TEL…………..
(5) AGE……………
(6) GENDER……………
(7) OCCUPATION…………..

However, I did not forget you because you are the source of my success, you made me what I am now though you are not there to complete this project with me but I gave all the credit and thanks to you.

I know it is not your fault or rather your wish to back up on me and the transaction, I understand,

It is simply because of what you must have heard about my continent and our business opportunities. Actually there are still good ones for example myself.

Mr. William Randall
Co-CEO/Executive Director, Noble Group of Companies.


Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department Of Justice,
FBI New York 26 Federal Plaza 23rd
Floor, New York 10278-0005.


Attention: Fund Beneficiary,

This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, New York District, we are writing this mail communication to you on the view over your Consignment Box which is held on our custody as you could not meet with the requirement by the airport authority, we have e-mail you severally and we believe by now you have got this below message not less than 4 times, still no response from you.

Note; The grace given to you as a legal Beneficiary has been terminated, therefore you are entitled to contact this apex office of the FBI that has been in care of your funds, or will be retrieve by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the origin of the fund, and these FUNDS are said to be a Inheritance WILLED fund for you. Once again, this is a last warning to you because on no circumstance would you abandon your consignment BOX at the air-port under the watch of the FBI because of Custom Clearance fee $450 which you were later allow to pay part payment of the fee as for now, to be complete the balance after you have gotten your package

Reconfirm the below information: with the code; ( NY/FBI/1128 ) For special identification and security reason.

Full name………………………


Mobile number……………….



Subject: Your Trust is Needed

Hello Dear,

I apologize if the content of my email is contrary to your moral ethics but I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business. I am James Booth Lockwood, an officer in the US Army, presently serving in the Military with the 82nd Airborne Division Peace Keeping Force here in Afghanistan. I need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of Two Military Trunk Boxes.

I hope you can be trusted? If you can be trusted, I will explain further when I get a response from you for further clarification.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, God blesses you and America!!!
Best Regards,

Capt.James Booth Lockwood

Mr. Samson Potter

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045


Dear Beneficiary,


May I bring to your notice that we have received your contract payment which was transferred from the United Nations (UN).

The total amount confirmed is $4,000,000.00 USD.

However, we have received a notice of Change of Account from your representative Mr. Julius Fletcher yesterday. In respect to account received from him, we wish to confirm with you before we proceed with the transfer of your contract fund to the new account he provided.

Please I will like you to urgently confirm the below new bank account as valid and endorsed by you for the transfer of your contract fund.

Finter Bank Zurich
Claridenstrasse 35 8002 Zurich, Switzerland
Swift Code: UBSWCHZH80A
A/C Number: 0230009416905
Iban No: 700230230094
Beneficiary: Julius Fletcher

The transfer will take place immediately you confirm the authenticity new bank account information provided by Mr. Julius Fletcher.

I demand an urgent response from you to enable us proceed with the transfer.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Samson Potter

Remittance Director,
Federal Reserve Bank (FRB)

Ms Sebrina Jeans


Hello My Dear
How are you today? i will like to be kind and honest with you, i am a woman that have seen life, i have been in the social circle for many years, although it does not matter one’s age, color or achievement, what matters in our life is your kindness to humanity

Dear, i believe that is the most important thing in life, I had been hardworking all my life, i must think of something better, to enjoy my life and probably have a family , maybe relocate and start investing in other things, Anyway i will like to tell you more about me, My name is Miss Sebrina Jean, am from France , i was born in France, And i left France at Age of 12 Years to England, which to the glory of God Am working as an Senior Audit/banker in Islamic Bank of Britain Plc United Kingdom, is very painful i lost my only daughter at age of 4 years,

i was married but my Ex Husband got married to another woman, which caused our divorce, but is ok that is life for you, since he accused me of been so busy due to my bank work activities as accounting/auditing, that i was not having time for him and our kids before she passed away, but he refused to understand that i was pursing a goal, i told him that soon i will resign and we will have enough time for each other but he was impatient, although is over between us, I am happy alone because I have everything i need, This is why I think of relocating to another country to get into investment and maybe own a small company which i can be able to manage on my own, Please would you tell me more about yourself too? I like to know more about you for me to know if we can achieve this goal together, your marital status and your country of origin
I will be glad to hear from you soon
Yours Faithful Sebrina

Mr. Rex W. Tillerson

U.S Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520.

Dear Beneficiary

Your ATM Visa Card will be shipped through USPS to your address. I am Mr. Rex W. Tillerson, United States Secretary of State by profession. This is to inform you officially that after our investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other Security Agencies in the Country for the year 2016 and 2017, we discovered that you have not yet received your over due fund.

I have made it my first point of call since taking office to settle all Outstanding Payments accrued to Individuals or Corporations with respect to local and overseas contract payment, Debt Rescheduling and Outstanding Compensation payment.

This is to make sure all Outstanding payments are settled beginning of this fiscal year 2017. On Behalf of the entire staff of the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations in collaboration with World Bank, we apologize for the delay of your contract payment, Winning or Inheritance funds from most of African Countries and all the inconveniences you encountered while pursuing this payment.

However, from the records of outstanding beneficiaries due for payment with the U.S Secretary of State, your name was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding payment who has not yet received their payments.

Note that from the record in my file, your outstanding contract payment is $1,850,000.00 USD (One Million, Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) loaded in an ATM Visa Card that allows you to make a daily maximum withdrawal limit of $5,000 Five Thousand Dollars) YOUR ATM PIN CODE ( 7250 ).

I have your file here in my office and it says that you are yet to receive your fund valued at $1,850,000.00 USD (One Million, Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars). This Funds will now be delivered to your designated address or your preferred payment option.

We have perfected all modules on how to bring this fund to your house without any problem, but be aware that United Nations and the United States Government has only authorised my office to release the Sum of $1,850,000.00 USD to you as true beneficiary of the Fund.

Note that your loaded ATM Visa Card will be mailed to you through Priority Mail Express (USPS) to your designated address immediately you admit full compliance to this email. Due to my busy schedules You are advised to kindly get in contact with our correspondent Bar Williams Darvis with the below details enclosed to help ensure safe mailing of your ATM Visa Card:

Your Full Name:
Your Contact House Address:
Name of City of Residence:
Country of Residence:
Direct Mobile Telephone Number:
ID Card, DL or Passport Copy:
Age and Occupation:

Contact Bar Williams Darvis immediately by replying to this email or emailing the address below:

Name: Bar Williams Darvis

He is obliged to treat your case with utmost urgency as soon as you contact him and fill out your correct details including all reachable phone numbers for him to get in touch with you via phone and email.

NOTE: Every documentation proof for your fund have been packaged and sealed to be mailed together with your Visa Card to your address. Therefore, the only obligation required of you by the laws of the Government of United States and the financial Monetary Policy of the Supreme Court, states that; you as a beneficiary must officially obtain the irrevocable LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED from the Supreme Court of USA, as a means to justify the legitimacy, transparency and clean bill of funds from USA so that by the time your funds gets to you, no authority will question the funds as it has been legally certified free from all financial Malpractices and facets. The LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED is valued at a cost of just ( $320) please take note of that.

As soon as the above mentioned $320 is received, The LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED will be secured on your behalf immediately. I need all the compliance that I can get from you to ensure we get this project accomplished. Personally, I am very sorry for the delay you have gone through in the past years. Thanks for adhering to this instructions which are meant for your sole benefit, once again accept my congratulations in advance.

Thanks for your cooperation as your quick response to this email notice with adherence to the above instructions is highly anticipated.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Rex W. Tillerson.

Dr Peter Godwin “www.”

We have finally succeeded in getting your package worth of $3.6million out of delivery your with the help of Mr. James George
Attorney General of Federal High Court of Justice FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BENIN which act as your foreign Attorney representative here in

So every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with the Agent BEN FISHER of the Consignment Box and every Documents guiding
Your delivery is well updated so you are advice to re-confirm your full delivery information to the Agent right now as he is currently at Dulles
International Airport Washington Dc, (USA) with your Consignment Box, as he called me this morning to inform me that he
Misplaced your delivery address which he had,

So you are advice to reconfirm your full delivery information to the diplomat and call or text him with this number (202)609-0361 so as to have
easy Conversation with him and to enable you give him full direction to get your
Consignment Box delivered to you and hand you over your Consignment Box safe and sound, Furthermore you are advice to be very fast
as the Agent BEN FISHER has no time to waste due to his flight

So the Information you are Required to Reconfirm to the Agent are as Follow.

(1)Your Full Name=============
(2)Mobile Phone Number======
(3)Current Home Address========
(5)Nearest Airport ==============
(6) A Copy of Your I D For Identification, Driving license

So contact him personally,as he is at Dulles International Airport Washington dc , (USA) right now because of the Searching and Scanning of the
Consignment which made Him to misplace your address

Name- Agent BEN FISHER
E-mail Address (
Contact number Call or Text (202)609-0361
So contact him to deliver your Consignment box first thing tomorrow morning

possibly today, So get back to us immediately you contact the Agent to make sure that your fund has gotten to you without any hitch,

Furthermore remember the Agent delivering the Consignment Box does not know that the content of that consignment box is money, because the
Attorney who represented you registered it as a family value to avoid hitch
during the delivery so on no circumstances should you Let him know the content of that consignment box is to avoid lost of your
fund as your Consignment was Sign and Stamp by Federal Ministry Of Justice to make sure that it is protected until it gets to you.


Dr. Peter Godwin

Dr.Daniel Donald “www.”

Anti – Terrorist and money laundering Agency
London Heathrow International
Greater London TW6, United Kingdom.

Dear Beneficiary,

I am Dr. Daniel Donald the Director General of the Anti- Terrorist and money laundering agency London – United Kingdom.
We have investigated
your sealed consignment Box containing $500,000,00 USD intercepted by our monitoring agent at London Heathrow International
Airport and after due investigation have confirmed beyond all reasonable doubts that the said funds packaged in the box are free from

terrorist and money laundering related activities hence have issued a certified Anti- Terrorists / Money laundering Clearance to cover the
Diplomatic delivery of the consignment to your address as scheduled.

This clearance Certificate will clear all doubts with all authorities concerned in your country as soon as the
consignment box arrives United States of America.

Since our agency has cleared your consignment Box free from Anti-Terrorist and money laundering agency relate activities,
I urgently arranged an Express diplomatic delivery to maintain confidentiality and safety of the funds.
Our special diplomat agent Mr Desmond Favor was appointed immediately to deliver the sealed consignment

box to your address and their flight departed London Heathrow Airport (UK) yesterday and the good news is that he has confirmed arrival to
United States of America with your consignment box awaiting Arrival clearance at the Airport.
Contact him now and reconfirm to him the following details below so that he will not have problem locating you immediately with
the consignment box and to avoid any further delay in Delivery.

Full Names……………………….
Delivery address…………………….
Cell phone number…………………
Nearest airport ………………….
His E-Mail(
His Number +1(210) 209-8068
I hope that you understood our sincerity and dedication to services, so
do not delay Mr Desmond Favor as he has very limited time to deliver the box to you and board

the next available flight back to England for his next assignment in Asia before next week.
Delay could cause problems with Authorities so make sure you clear the

Arrival Clearance as soon as you contact him to enable him get to your address in a list couple of hours.

Note that for his safety and that of your Consignment Box, ALL
communication should be kept highly confidential between you and the
diplomat to avoid problems as the

Box in his possession contains huge amount of money with all the vital documents guiding the delivery.
I hope you understand that no one should know the real content of the box until you meet with the Diplomat to avoid interception of
any information. Remember that the Tag on the Box is does not state
that the box contains money

so it will be delivered to you in disguise as a Box of Charity Relief Materials.
Contact him now to establish communication for on-ward delivery to the
final destination, keep me informed as soon as he hands over the box to you.

Yours faithfully,
Dr.Daniel Donald
Director General
Anti- Terrorist and money laundering agency.
London – United Kingdom.

was Community High Court


Dear Beneficiary,

You are expected to respond once you receive this mail. Please my dear the entire High Court of Ecowas, Benin Republic are hereby to inform you that there was a case that we have been handling here since 2014 concerning your funds as we got some reports that you did not received your funds since 2012 even after authorization has been granted to that effect, every story you have been hearing regarding the funds and all types of charges you have been paid to receive your funds but to no avail. We wish to know the truth because the person who is in charge of the transaction said in this court that you have confirmed to him that you have received your funds and we are here to ascertain the truth from you.

Please below is what we want you to confirm to us to enable us handle this case normal as the reporter said it has been done to you.

(1) Do you receive any money from this person Dr. Jerry Leo……….?
(2) If you do receive money from him, how much……………..?
(3) From which bank or courier do you received the money from…………?
(4) Or is it via western Union Money Transfer…………………. ..?
(5) In which date ………………………… ….?

Please we advise you to go directly to this question above and answer us immediately because we want to get the truth and at this time if you don’t receive your funds, you will receive it according to the instruction of this High Court of Ecowas in this country, Benin Republic because we have been receiving news from your government that our government officials and personalities are scamming people from your country and all that to stop as we are going to handle it at once and we need your reply so that we can get the truth.


Best Regard.


Rev Sis Amaris Maria

God bless you my beloved,

Do not be amazed, i got your email in the course of my quest today for an honest and God fearing person. I decided to embark on this because i believe good and honest people still exist. But before i proceed, I wish to introduce myself first, my name is Rev sis Amaris Maria, am from Istanbul, Turkey. I have decided to donate all i have to a good and trusted person who will act according to my wishes. I am 67years old and i am suffering from Lungs cancer for about two years now. i have been ordered by God to donate all i have inherited from my late father and my career to you for the promotion of God work, rather than to allow my uncle to use my fathers hard earned funds ungodly.

I will be undergoing an operation in Australia and my doctor informed me that my chances of survival is slim due to my excessive health deterioration. Because of this i want to donate my funds worth 9,150,000USD to you. It is deposited in a secured bank in turkey and i want it to be invested for the good work of God, to assist the orphans, the needy and to help the motherless. My personal doctor have told me that i may not live for than two months and i am scared and concerned about it since i have no child of my own as my spiritual obligation does not permit me to marry. But through this wonderful bible verses, Psalm 119:116……, Uphold me according unto thy word that i may live and let me not be ashamed of my hope. Psalm 138:7 Thou i walk in the midst of trouble, thou will revive me. Psalm 41:1….., Blessed is he that considered the poor, the lord will deliver him in time of trouble. I find peace in the lord ( I always recite this on my mind)

Presently, i have informed my lawyer about my decision to will this fund to a trusted and honest person and also my spiritual Father, Rev Fr Timothy Coleman.

Respond back to immediately if you are interested to carry out this task so that i will instruct you on how to get in contact with my lawyer and my account officer. Get back to me via my private email address( with the following information



Rev Sis Amaris Maria