Contact person: Okeke Chika Jerry.
Director/ Foreign Affairs Ops Dept.


The Remittance of Your Fund $35.5Million To Your Personal Bank Account: I
believe you are alive and doing well to be reading this important and urgent
E-mail from the sub-regional office of the African Bank Group of Benin, I am
writing you this mail with urgent concern to officially inform you that our
GPS Network Server System (GPS NSS) recently detected an unknown Fund
Transfer Payment
File system

(FTP File) valued at $35.5million, after our investigation on the FTP file
we discovered your name and data information on the file confirming you as
the Payment Receiver so we presented the FTP file to the World Bank
Department of Europe sub-region, so therefore we have now been authorized to
wire this fund directly to your Personal Bank Account because your Fund
Transfer Payment file was officially

cleared with a Bill of Clean Sheet as your name and data information was
clearly verified on the FTP file that was detected by our GPS NSS.We also
wish to inform you that a Domiciliary Account must be opened for you here in
this our bank where your fund must be lodged in before it is properly
processed for our Online Bank Transfer, so you are also requested to fill
out the Account Opening Form as requested bellow,REQUESTED INFORMATION FOR
NEW ACCOUNT (Non residential account)

Your First Name:
Your Middle Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Address:
Your Occupation:
Marital Status:
Date of Birth:
Next of Kin:
Tel Number:
Mobile Number:
Private E-mail:

Below is Their Contact address and E-mail:
Chose option: Online transfer, ATM master card
Uba African Bank Plc
Director Okeke Chika Jerry
Benin. West Africa States.
African Bank E-mail: ( )

Finally, do bear in mind that once we confirm the requested information
above from you we shall effect your Fund Transfer within 24hrs immediately.
If you have any question or inquiry please feel free to call us, Thank you
for your understanding as
we hope to hear from you soon.

Alves Lucas
Regional pay out Manage
Uba Bank Group Online Services
Benin Republic


Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International
5900 Messer Airport Hwy,
AL 35212, USA

Hello dear beneficiary how are you doing today i hope i meet you in good mode i am Gen Gill Harrison from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International,Airport authority Alabama state i am emailing you today for the ATM card we receive in our airport by dhl delivery company agent from Kenya, and we has finally release the ATM card because the agent left it here since because of the delivery permit and he could not able to provide the delivery permit document from our authority here at Alabama supreme court of justice, so if you want to receive the card you have to complete your full information to help us obtain the document from supreme court of justice Alabama state USA

full name______
home address_______
telephone No_____

the document will be attached to you in 24hours after you confirmed your information.

From Desk of Compensation Board

Subject: Delivery of your cashier’s check


I have instructed my secretary Mr. William Luis to release some funds in a
Cashier Cheque to you. So write him through his Email:(williamsluis.wl@hotmail.
com) and forward your details to him such as below so that he will go to the
Global Max Vault Security Company to have the cashier check from their security
department and mail it to you today.

1.Full Name:..
3.Delivery Address:..
5. Occupation…
6.Your Age…
7. Sex…

Your fortunate.
Mrs. Joyce McCarthy

Di Kitterman

It is my desire to donate to charity through you for the good work of humanity in order to help the very needy.
Kindly e-mail me your contact information Which Should include Full name, address and phone number, so I can tell you what
you need to do and also give you more details about myself and the charity project.

Diane Kitterman

Ms. Catherine Pollard

From: Ms. Catherine Pollard
Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary-
General For Internal Oversight Services

To: Unpaid Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from Canada, after
series of complaint from the FBI and other Security agencies from
Asia,Europe, South America and the United States of America respectively,
against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the British Government for the high volume of fraudulent activities going that is on in these two nations.

For more information about me kindly click on the below link or copy and
paste on your web browser.

Right now, as directed by UN secretary General named António Guterres we are working in collaborations with the Nigerian Financial Crime
Commission/agencies and we have decided to waive away all your clearance
fees/Charges and authorized the Government of Nigeria to effect your overdue payment worth $10.5M only into your account without any delay as approved and instructed by CANADIAN government and UNITED NATIONS. But the only fee you will pay to receive your fund is the Notarization fee. Upon your request, I will tell you the amount and also send you the payment
information you will use in sending the Notarization fee.

Sincerely, you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some
top Nigerian and Canadian Government Officials are interested in your fund
and they are working in collaboration with One Mr. Richard Graves from USA
to frustrate you and thereafter divert your fund into their personal

Note that I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message with your full name, full
address,direct phone number so that I can advise you on how best to confirm
your fund in your account within the next 72 hours.

Once again, the only fee you will pay to receive your fund is the
Notarization fee. Upon your request, I will tell you the amount and also
send you the payment information you will use in sending the Notarization

You can reach me with below information:

Email Address: ( )

Sincerely yours,
Ms. Catherine Pollard
Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary
General For Internal Oversight Services

Capt. Davis Ariel


Dear e-mail owner

I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner; I found your name listed in the Trade Center Chambers of Commerce directory here in Iraq, I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business. I only pray this time that your address is still valid. I want to solicit your attention in receiving money on my behalf.

I am Capt. Davis Ariel, officer in the US Army; i am one of the U.S. Army deployed to Iraq in the beginning of the war in 2003, and also a West Point Graduate presently serving in the Military with the 82nd Air Borne Division Peace keeping force in Baghdad, Iraq. I am on the move to Afghanistan from Iraq as the last batch just left, and i really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes which has just arrived the USA from Iraq. I hope you can be trusted? Though, I would like to hold back certain information for security reasons for now until you have found time to visit the BBC website news below to enable you have insight regarding what I intend to share with you, believing that it would be of your desired interest in one way or the other.

Click on this BBC news listing to confirms what I want to share with you:

if you can be trusted, I will explain further when i get a response from you. Get back to me having visited the above websites to enable us discuss in a more vivid manner to the best of your understanding? I must say that I’m very uncomfortable sending this message to you without knowing truly if you would misconstrue the importance and decide to go public.

In this regards, I will not hold back to say that the essence of this letter is strictly for mutual benefit of you and I and nothing more. I will be more vivid and coherent in my next email in this regards. Meanwhile, could you send me a mail confirming you have visited the site and understood my intentions? Am standing by for your urgent response now that we are leaving Iraq to Syria.

Please get back to me via e-mail:

Best regards.
Capt. Davis Eric Ariel

Mrs. Falicia Mogab

Donation from Mrs. Falicia Mogab
Bishop [38 rue des martyrs cocody
Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Dearest one in Christ,
I am from Kuwait. I am married to Mr. Mark Mogab , who worked with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in 2004. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.
Before his death, both born again Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my husband was alive he deposited the sum of ($ 2.5 million) in the bank here in Abidjan suspense account.
Currently, the fund is still in the bank. Recently, my doctor told me that I have serious sickness which is cancer problem. What disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Knowing my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or those who utilize this money the way I would recommend here. I want a church that will use this fund for orphanages, widows, to promote the word of God and the effort that the house of God is maintained.

The Bible is for us to understand that blessed is the hand that gives. I took this decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I do not want my husband’s efforts to be used by unbelievers. I do not want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner. That’s why I’m taking this decision. I’m not afraid of death, so I know where I’m going. I know that I’m going to be in the bosom of man. Exodus 14 vs 14 says that the lord will fight my case and I hold my peace.
I do not need a telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence of my husband’s relatives around me always and I do not want them to know about this development. In God all things are possible. As soon as I get an answer I will give you contact of the bank here in Abidjan. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. My happiness is that I lived a life worthy Christian. Whoever wants to serve the lord must serve him in spirit and in truth. Always praying for their whole lives.
Reply me for more information’s, in your reply will give me room in sourcing another church or person for the same purpose. Let me assure you that they will act accordingly as specified. Hope to get an answer.

Send me the following information, as per below.
Your full name ……….
Address ………..
Age ……………
occupation ……..
Photo ……………

Still blessed in you.
Yours in Christ,
Sister Falicia Mogab.

Fraud & Crime Unit “fcu.”


Dear sir,

We write to confirm if you have given Mr. Thomas of Australia the go ahead to act on your behalf and claim your funds that has been allocated to you after you were vetted among the some individuals who were scammed in Africa some years ago. Our investigation got you among individuals who were scammed through United Bank for Africa and other firms in Africa, and so we had discussion with governments of Africa and banks of Africa to compensated such people.

Unfortunately, after the meeting we had an application from one Mr. Thomas who claim you have instructed him to act on your behalf because of the nature of daily activities and business you are handling of recent, it makes you more busy to attend to some of your responsibilities. We thought it wise to confirm this from you because we requested for any power of attorney that you gave him to act on your behalf but he could not provide it and also the account provided did not have you complete details because it had different name and address.

Sir, advise us if you appointed Mr. Thomas to act on your behalf to claim your funds writing back to us immediately so that we can remit the funds to the account details already provided.

Mr. Stevenson C. Walter
For: Fraud & Crime Unit.

Mr. Denis R McDonough “vitremail.”

Attention Beneficiary

I am Barrister George Harry Freedom Chamber, I want to inform you that your fund payment file was brought to my office this morning for me to confiscating your fund base on the director of the UBA BANK PLC here in Benin Republic he said I should sign power of attorney to divert your fund to the Government Treasury account just because you can not pay for the fee of your fund which is $380.00 before you receive your fund, in his words, he said that you abandon your fund for some times now without hearing from you, my spirit did not allow me to cancel your fund because I know the value and the important of what you are about to loose, I told the director of (UBA BANK PLC) to wait until I heard from you today and I will know the reason you rejected such amount of ($20.5 million) United state dollars which I know it will change your life future initially , I don’t see any reason you will abandon the fund because of $380.00 require fee.

I want your urgent response as soon as you receive this email and to explain to me the reason you abandon your fund, or if you don’t need it again then I will send you a power of attorney which you will sign and I will change your name to another person so that the Government will not claim this which belongs to you. I will wait to hear from you as soon as possible, here is my contact Email:(

Telephone number: +22968488237 .

Barrister George Harry

Mrs Ann Willi


Dear Beneficiary

This is to inform you that your Long Time Awaiting Funds amount in USD$40,400,000.00 {FOURTY MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) Which is presently in custody of a finance house, have been
approved for immediate delivery to you. For the purpose of clarification, you are advised to reconfirm your :

Full Names
Direct Telephone Numbers
Physical Address with Zip Code so that there will be no error during
the delivery of the funds to you in your country of residence.

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

Mrs Ann Willi